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Tenute Soletta - Online shop Sardinian Wines


The value of family

A winery with strong roots

The vineyards are located in the countryside of Florinas and Codrongianos, in the province of Sassari and extend for 10 hectares, the first of which dates back to 1965. Today Soletta produces typical wines of the region, keeping alive a family tradition strongly linked to the land and started by his grandfather Samuele at the beginning of the 20th century. The approach to the cultivation and production of wine is based on the utmost respect for nature and natural rhythms. All the operations in the vineyard are carried out with respect for the ecosystem following the philosophy of its founder: I treat the land with love and respect, and it repays me with excellent fruit. Every activity, whether in the vineyard or in the cellar, is carried out with a view to a “circular economy” to keep the balance and harmony between nature and human intervention as intact as possible.


Umberto Soletta

A romantic winemaker

Umberto Soletta is a winemaker in the classic mould.
His story has been linked to the land since he was a child accompanying his grandfather in the fields. Here he learned to love his land, to know and respect its secrets, its rhythms and its products, making the teachings and values of his ancestors his own.
A life spent in contact with the land from which he drew an important lesson: what nature gives us today we must keep for those who will inherit our place tomorrow.
He took this lesson and applied it to the management of his vineyards and the production of his wines. Married to his wife Caterina with whom he manages the company, he has two sons.
His philosophy of life, and therefore also that of running his company, is based on optimising the resources available so that there is as little waste as possible and everything is seen with a view to reuse.
He aims to produce wines in which the pursuit of high quality is not at the expense of a conscientious approach to natural resources. Wines that can bring to the table all of his love for these lands and his work as a winemaker in harmony with nature.
Those who know him know that his wines truly are created this way and, not surprisingly, he can be defined as “a romantic winemaker who pursues harmony between wine and nature”.

Craftsmanship and passion

A unique blend that gives rise to our wines

The winery’s philosophy is that the quality raw ingredients from our vineyards should be supported in their natural transformation into wine: a process that gives these ingredients the respect they deserve in order to bottle a product that fully reflects the terroir.
Recently renovated and expanded, the cellar is equipped with the latest technology when it comes to vinification and the ageing of wines. Next to the temperature-controlled steel and concrete barrels of various sizes, where vinification takes place, there is also a large barrel cellar with oak barriques for the ageing of red wines and some white wines produced by the company.
The stages of the winemaking process are carefully monitored by Umberto Soletta, assisted by an external consultant oenologist.
Each process is carried out in such a way as to respect the raw ingredients as much as possible, with pumping over and delestage for the reds fermenting on the skins, and continuous bâtonnage during ageing.

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